Exploration Demand Driving New Geophysical Technology Development

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Geophysical Survey Demand Driving New Technology Development
Global Geophysical Service Geophysical survey companies are experiencing significant growth due to increases in the number of mineral and oil exploration projects worldwide. Declines in reserves are directly tied to an increase in funding for exploration activities. Geophysical surveys are an essential part of these exploration processes and are imperative to locating mineral or hydrocarbon deposits and being able to determine between various types of deposits.
Survey exploration companies are making vast improvements in the areas of accuracy, convenience and portability. Portability is especially vital when it comes to providing global geophysical services. The ability to easily transport and assemble equipment is essential to providing the best services to destinations all over the world. Improving geophysical survey methods that allow surveys to be performed in remote areas are also a big advantage to these companies. Remaining mineral and oil deposits often occur in remote locations or exceptionally rough terrain, making traditional detection difficult. These types of remote locations are fuelling research into new geophysical surveying technologies that can be implemented remotely and safely.
Types of Geophysical Systems
There are reliable, accurate systems for all of the following implementations:
  • Airborne
  • Ground
  • Marine
  • Borehole
These systems all make use of different technologies which uniquely provide the best results for that medium when mapping the Earth's subsurface for deposits. Airborne geophysical survey systems are the most globally utilized exploration method and often make use of magnetometer technology to detect anomalies in the Earth's magnetic fields.
Marine systems usually implement seismic calculation instrumentation to develop two and three dimensional imaging or underwater resources. Ground systems have the most freedom to implement the different technologies as system size is less of a concern, but they are limited to equipment that can reach the destination. Each system has benefits that make it a preferred method depending on the implementation required, but they also have unique challenges as well.
A Global Platform
The key to becoming a global geophysical survey company is being able to provide a consistently high level of service all over the world. This may be accomplished by opening branches strategically around the world or by developing systems that can be rapidly shipped to destinations globally.. It is more economically feasible to focus on being able to send the equipment to locations as they become relevant. New systems development is focusing on smaller, ultra-lightweight, portable and more universal technology without sacrificing function or accuracy.
Unmanned aircraft systems are of increasing interest due to their ability to take readings accurately and safely over in remote and , dangerous areas. UAV's are making it possible to map regions that were previously inaccessible due to safety issues. This makes the goal of a global geophysical mapping more economically and physically possible and imminent. The companies that can consistently implement this technology the fastest stand to gain the most from the increases in mineral and oil exploration funding.
Specialists in Airborne Geophysical Surveys
Terraquest was established in 1984 and since then, our dedicated team has flown over 1,500 airborne geophysical surveys using both fixed wing and helicopter platforms.  Our professional crews provide significant experience having carried out airborne magnetic surveys, airborne gravity surveys, airborne radiometric surveys, and airborne electromagnetic surveys on five continents.
Our quality data sets have been utilized in the exploration for base and precious metals, kimberlite, hydrocarbons, uranium, rare earth minerals and water.  The company has performed exemplary surveys for both small and large exploration groups as well as many government agencies.  References can be provided upon request. Visit www.terraquest.ca.



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