Experienced Geophysicists Bring Success to Resource Exploration Programs

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Geophysical Consultants Quality, experienced Geophysicists are integral to overseeing the proper execution of all stages of the the acquisition process.  Starting with initial survey design and an extensive review of the client's survey targets and goals, Terraquest incorporates an experienced  Geophysicist from the start of the planning process to provide input into extensive survey planning including, 
  • flight path Line spacing 
  • Line direction considerations, ie; angle to VLF Stations
  • Choice of aircraft or survey platform
  • Terrain evaluation (drape analysis and radar altitude map estimation)
  • Establishing a safe yet optimal survey altitude
  • Navigation file creation
  • Figure of Merit (FOM) site selection
  • Repeat Line location selection 
There are many benefits of conducting a geophysical survey using a seasoned and qualified geophysicist who has the benefit of past experience and knowledge of potential pitfalls in survey operations. Companies such as Terraquest have invested a great deal in specialized instruments, aircraft, and data acquisition systems to ensure the highest possible quality of data can be obtained, yet the input of a core group of highly experienced, trained professionals is often the most integral factor in ensuring the successful completion of an airborne survey operation, resulting in the highest possible quality data set.
Geophysical consultants often specialize in unique fields of airborne geophysics such as:
  • magnetics, horizontal gradiometry
  • gamma-ray spectrometry
  • electromagnetics ( time domain or Matrix Digital VLF-EM) 
  • gravity
When evaluating the most suitable geophysical survey company for your survey requirements consider an in depth look into the company success stories, the retention period of key personnel, company reputation and ultimately the highest quality data sets.
Specialists in Airborne Geophysical Surveys
Terraquest was established in 1984 and since then, our dedicated team has flown over 1,500 airborne geophysical surveys using both fixed wing and helicopter platforms.  Our professional crews provide significant experience having carried out airborne magnetic surveys, airborne gravity surveys, airborne radiometric surveys, and airborne electromagnetic surveys on five continents.
Our quality data sets have been utilized in the exploration for base and precious metals, kimberlite, hydrocarbons, uranium, rare earth minerals and water.  The company has performed exemplary surveys for both small and large exploration groups as well as many government agencies.  References can be provided upon request. Visit www.terraquest.ca.



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